The Manager and the Taxes for You

The manager’s remuneration constitutes a deductible charge from the company’s taxable income, in the same way as the bonuses paid to staff, and this is also the case for the related social charges. The manager therefore has the possibility of reducing corporate tax while maximizing his income or rewarding his employees.

The payment to the manager of remuneration higher than what was initially planned or of a bonus to the personnel, when the result of the current financial year allows it, can reduce the amount of the taxable profit. Social security charges on these supplements are also deductible from taxable income.

In return, the company will pay more social charges.

Take out additional insurance contracts on behalf of the company

The manager can also decide to take out additional insurance contracts, paid for by the company, to improve his social protection according to his own needs (retirement, provident insurance, etc.).

The premiums paid by the company may be deducted from the taxable tax result up to a certain limit. The company’s accountant or the mandated insurer can calculate the maximum amount deductible under these contracts.

Remunerate advances in partner’s current account

Advances made by partners to the company through their partner’s current account may be remunerated by interest deductible from taxable income within certain limits set by the tax administration.

Thus, the taxable result is reduced by an amount equal to the interest paid admitted as a deduction and the partners receive additional income. The use of the tax calculator is important there.

Charge tax loss carry forwards against profit

When the company has experienced loss-making years, it normally has a stock of deficit which can be carried forward to future profits of the company. These losses constitute, when carried forward, charges deductible from taxable profit.

The carry forward of losses is capped at 1 million euros per year, increased by 50% of the portion of the profit above this limit.

To benefit from it, a carry forward of accumulated tax losses must be made directly on the tax return.

Using corporate tax credits and reductions

It is also possible to reduce corporate tax with tax credits and reductions. These tax arrangements are deducted directly from the amount of corporation tax calculated.

Perfect knowledge of taxation is necessary for an optimized use of the many existing systems. It is therefore important to be accompanied by your accountant on this issue.

Here are some existing devices:

  • The research tax credit,
  • The innovation tax credit,
  • The competitiveness employment tax credit,
  • The apprenticeship tax credit,
  • The tax credit for commercial prospecting expenses,
  • Tax reduction on sponsorship expenses.

Develop by setting up in assisted areas

Finally, the optimization of the taxation of profits made by the company can also be achieved by setting up new establishments within assisted areas , where it will be possible to benefit from a reduction or exemption from tax on benefits subject to fulfilling all conditions.


Online payment: 7 tips to avoid the risk of hacking

Choose double security with your bank

Two precautions being better than one use the double payment securities now offered by most banks. In addition to the traditional visual cryptogram (generally a three-digit code located behind your card), you can validate your online payment in a second step. Usually by entering a code which is sent by your bank just after payment. This is most of the time a code sent by SMS that you must enter to confirm your order. Sometimes you also have to open your bank’s app on your smartphone to complete the transaction.

Make sure the page is secure

It is strongly recommended that you make your purchases on a website with “https” security: there are indeed 2 types of websites. Those whose address begins with “http: //” and those whose address begins with “https: //”. Avoid making your purchases on “http: //” sites and do not create an account on a site when it begins because the information (password, personal information, banking information) can be intercepted by third parties (beware; this condition is necessary, but not sufficient). Your satisfaction a safe payment gateway for online gaming can be used.

Avoid saving your bank details

Think twice before saving your card number on your phone or computer. Some applications and some internet browsers allow you to save your details so that you do not have to type them again later. A method not recommended by the CNIL: “these terminals are not necessarily designed to guarantee optimal security of bank data”.

Ensure your overall digital security

Even beyond the necessary vigilance that you must show when shopping online, being vigilant about your digital security on a daily basis will allow you to secure your payments even more. As such, following a few basic tips can be helpful:

Secure your computer terminal: regularly update your equipment, use an anti-virus and a firewall, secure your access to Wi-Fi, etc.

Check your online bank account regularly: to check that no questionable transaction has been made. Secure your passwords: vary them, reserve each of them for one-time use and create passwords that meet all the security conditions (use special characters, at least one capital letter, and one number) Use your e-mail in a secure manner: read the information contained in e-mails carefully, do not click on attachments or on links that appear questionable, etc.

In the event of an incident, first contact your bank.

If you find that you have been hacked following an online purchase, first contact your bank to oppose your bank card and then request reimbursement of fraudulent transactions or request the allocation of a new bank card. The opposition on your bank card can also be carried out via the interbank bank card opposition service 0 892 705 705 (open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day), premium rate number: cost of a call to a landline number + € 0.34 TTC / min, from a landline or mobile phone.

You can then report this hack on Perceval, the platform for reporting bank card fraud.


What Is Dungeness Crab & how to buy (Guide)

What Is Dungeness Crab?

The Dungeness crab is a large crustacean that can weigh up to 2 pounds after molting on various occasions. When this crab’s shell isn’t big enough for the developing animal, it loses the old shell and a new one hardens. Dungeness yields more meat per unit than any other crab not because it is far heavier than most crabs, but because around 25 percent of the crab’s weight is pure meat. That may not sound like a lot, but it is in the crab world.

Dungeness crab meat, freshly picked, is expensive (between $30 to $50 per pound, depending on the origin and company); buying the whole crab (for $20 to $30 per unit) implies a lot of work, so canned meat is a good alternative, although the flavor and freshness are sacrificed for convenience and economy.

How to Cook Dungeness Crab

Live Dungeness crab can be steamed or boiled whole. Simply place the live crab in salted boiling water, wait for the boil to return, and cook for 15 minutes, placing the crab in iced water once cooked. For steaming, place the crab in the steaming basket and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. As a rule of thumb, when steaming Dungeness crab, allow cooking for seven to eight minutes per pound of crab. If cooking many crabs at a time, weigh all the crabs and divide the weight by the number of crabs you have so that you can apply the seven- to eight-minute rule. Use Dungeness crabmeat in stews, salads, bisque, dips, crab cakes, baked crabs preparations, and pasta dishes.

What Does Dungeness Crab Taste Like?

Sweet, nutty, and mild in flavor, Dungeness crab is a favorite for crab recipes. The body meat is tender and juicy, whereas the leg meat is firmer and slightly more flavorful. The flavor depends on the area where they lived in the wild and how they were cooked, but generally speaking, the sweet-salty flavor is common to all Dungeness crabs.

Dungeness Crab Recipes

Use Dungeness crab in the traditional cioppino stew or mix it with fresh greens and a citrus vinaigrette for a light crab salad. Mix the cooked meat with mayonnaise, chopped crunchy vegetables, seasonings, and olive oil to use on toasted baguette, crunchy tortillas, or as the stuffing for rolls and wraps. Replace the mayo for full-fat Greek yogurt, if preferred, and generously use cilantro, dill, parsley, extra-virgin olive oil, pink salt, and dry herbs to make a thick paste to stuff cold conchiglie (large pasta shells). Or serve it as a dip with plantain or yucca chips. Grill it or make it into a spicy curry served with steamed white rice.

Where to Buy Dungeness Crab?

Fishmarkets everywhere might carry Dungeness crab but call ahead to confirm. Live crab should be your first choice because you can’t beat the freshness, and they are also far more versatile than precooked crab because a great many Asian and Mediterranean crab recipes call for uncooked crab. When choosing a live Dungeness crab, pick the lively ones; listless and sad-looking crabs should be left alone because they might be sick. Be advised that Dungeness is far less ornery than blue crab, which is a particularly mean species.

If buying a cooked crab, look for one that is heavy for its size, and―this is important―has its legs curled up underneath it. This is a sign the crab was cooked alive. Don’t buy a cooked Dungeness with hanging legs


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